Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leaf well enough alone?

Hey, they look kinda pretty on the ground. Maybe I should just leave them there. Leaf well enough alone, get it? Oh. You did. Okay, just checking.

Exercise Status:
Still having problems with the neck. Tried 10 push ups, it was interesting, in a not-at-all-fun way, how I could feel the pain radiating from the neck outward along both shoulders. More ibuprofen.

On the plus side, it's doing great things for my posture. I can't get comfortable unless I'm sitting up prim and proper: spine straight, shoulders back, chin down. Anything else hurts.

Another plus, legs don't hurt. I can walk, and do so. With erect posture.

Procrastination status:
Except that I don't have time to walk. I have got to clean all the leaves out of the gutters or apparently something awful will happen to my house. I'm trying to ignore the contradiction between the no-time-to-exercise and I-don't-wanna-clean-house-I-wanna-blog excuses.

Since it's warm and dry inside, and grey and damp outside, I'm procrastinating on the useful stuff. Been reading other people's lives instead. Vicarious excitement is where it's at, baby.

I enjoyed the Menopausal Old Bag's take on Glaswegian Translators. (I don't mind if they don't want to speak English, but could they maybe speak American instead? My strongest memory of Glasgow is traveling around with pencil and notepad asking people to write down what they'd just said.)

Coffee Helps offered up a really strange parody of Korean pop music. Even if I did understand the context of the parody, I think I'd find that video clip bizarre.

I spent a few minutes experiencing Paris at the Place de la Sorbonne with The Bold Soul. Sigh... I wanna travel.

Damn. The sun just came out. That means I need to rake. It's that time of year. The city is going to come around and take leaves off my hands (or at least off my driveway)

The sad part is, there are still several trees hanging onto their leaves, waiting until I rake this lot up before they let go.

Maybe I should drink a glass of juice first. I stole leveraged this video from Jennifer Crusie's blog.

Strong drink sounds like the answer.


solarity said...

I don't think it is possible to rake leaves with an erect posture. Bending your back is part of the process.

(WV: "glutes"! I hate when they're cryptic like that. You should concentrate on the glutes while raking? while pushing up??)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

The Merry said...

Oooh, I hate it when Mr. Word Verification tries to get cute like that.
It's true that you can't rake and bend, but you can rake the leaves into erect piles, piles that have good posture and sit nicely by the roadside... where the wind will blow it all over the place, but at least it's off the lawn. For now.

BCB said...

Maybe you need to do shots. Of cortisone?

I had the yard crew come over Friday and blow the leaves off the grass and do one last cutting and edging thing. It looked great. For about ten minutes. They'll come back every week or so and blow the leaves to the curb, the city will come with the leaf sucker upper truck, and eventually the tedious process will come to an end. Until next year.

And then I'll get the bill and wonder why I care about the stupid leaves.

Oh yeah, they kill the grass. What there is of it.

Good luck removing yours (ie, HIRE someone).

anise: really? perhaps it has medicinal properties

Dr. J said...

I have never raked leaves, and my home has no gutters. lol!!
No wonder you are getting more serious! Leave the leaves to decompose the way nature intended, buddy!

Brennig said...

So go travel. But don't do Paris, it's become a cliché of itself, as have most European capital cities. Berlin's nice since reunification. Madrid's better than nice.

But if in France go to the countryside. The Bordeaux region is too pretty for words. Or go to Tuscany in Italy - esp in the Spring.

And if not travelling in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have to be seen to be believed.