Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I don't care what the calendar says, I'm not ready for fall yet

Sigh... the leaves are definitely starting to go. I'm feeling a strong urge to climb the trees and apply some superglue. I'm not ready for fall to befall me.

One good thing about combining the sit up and push up challenges: I'm not thinking about how boring it is doing all these sit ups. The sit up intervals are a chance to rest my aching arms, so my body thinks "Hey! It's just fine to do sit ups! Sure, how many do you want?"

Of course, as of today I'm doubling the amount of sit ups, so maybe that attitude will change back to boredom.

Exercise du jour:

Week 4 of the (full) 100 push up challenge
Day 2
(90 seconds rest in between)
Set 1 - 25
Set 2 - 29
Set 3 - 25
Set 4 - 25
Set 5 - 36

Week 5 of the 200 sit ups challenge
(45 seconds rest in between)
Day 2
Set 1 - 27
Set 2 - 27
Set 3 - 30
Set 4 - 30
Set 5 - 21
Set 6 - 21
Set 7 - 24
Set 8 - 60

Done! Got the push ups done in three hours. Finished up the last 2 sets of sit ups after work. That's one thing about repeating the 4th week; I'm able to cut down on the rest time between push up sets.
Plus, 2 hours walking.


Theresa said...

Egads. That sit up challenge looks like torture. Pure torture.

I am mightily impressed.

Dr. J said...

Since I live in Florida, people think we don't have seasons. Living in North Central Florida, "the other Florida," we do. It's still summer, however :-)

The Merry said...

Dr J, I thought you have "season" singular. What's the other one? ;)

Dr T, I'm sitting here staring at this schedule thinking "why the hell did I say I'd do this?" I usually think these thoughts in the a.m. Still, putting the schedule up for anyone to see /does/ help me think I have to get this done. Or die trying, one of the two.

JavaChick said...

Trees. Superglue. Ha!

And...Um...enjoy your sit ups?

The Merry said...

Woo hoo! 140 push ups... in three hours. Only need to do the last two sets of sit ups and I'll get my gold star!
Yes, it takes very little to make me happy sometimes.

LaShaune said...

I'll give you a gold star for simply completing 2 - again, more than I can accomplish.

And um..yeah, what are seasons? Waking up to 80 degrees with 80% humidity at the start of October only means one thing....I need a shower by the time I get to work (and it's only a 20 min commute).

Marste said...

Oh, I'm SO GLAD it's fall. It's been hot as h*ll here, so I'm glad it's cooling off. (Of course "fall" in SoCal means that it's 75 degrees out. Woo-hoo!!!)

(And wow, 140 pushups today? I've GOT to get back to doing those . . . )

The Merry said...

My relatives live mostly in So Cal and Texas. And the only time we'd go visit them was in August :(
I think that scarred me for life. I'd like to try visiting in the winter. Just once.

Dr. J said...

I don't know if you are serious or not. We've had snow and ice storms where I live in north Florida in the winter months. I've been all over California, and the weather was pretty different depending where I was. Florida is the same, Merry.

The Merry said...

Dr J, seriously, I know nothing about Florida. All the pictures I see show palm trees and ocean beaches; all the Floridians I speak to talk about humidity and sunshine.
I need to travel more :(

Debzillah said...

OK OK, so I've worked up the courage to say something. Don't flame me, please!! I'm a PT and I love reading cranky fitness - so now I have to stalk you over here as you have left. Huge kudos for you taking on the 100 pushup and situp challenges! I need to do this though - if you call pushups an arm exercise one more time, I might have to stab my eyes out with a blunt object!!! Hahahahaha. I don't dispute that your arms will get super strong doing pushups, but they are primarily a *chest* exercise.

I would also just like to offer a few words of caution - doing so many pushups so often may give you muscular imbalances - I don't know what the rest of your fitness program looks like, but its important to counter a chest exercise with a back exercise, so some sort of row, or even a tricep dip is a really great idea.

Look forward to reading your next entry :)


The Merry said...

Hey Debzillah! Thanks for your comment.

Please don't worry -- I won't refer to push ups as an arm exercise. (Really. I'd hate for you to have to hurt yourself, plus there's never a decent blunt object around when you need one.)

However, I will keep referring to my aching arms. For some reason, the chest muscles never complain, but my arms are real wusses. They bitch. Loudly.

I was just looking at tricep dips today. I should (fingers crossed) finish the push up challenge in a few more weeks, so this is a good time to start planning further exercise routines. And I've got dibs on my aunt's disused rowing machine, so the next time I make it down to my mother's house, I'm going to start rowing too :)

Thanks for commenting -- I wouldn't dream of flaming someone who's honestly trying to be helpful! (Well, unless they diss Hugh Jackman. A girl's got to draw the line somewhere.)

P.S. I love your name :)

Debzillah said...

It's OK - I'll never say about word against Hugh - it would be unaustralian of me! Hehehehe.