Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You call this Fat Tuesday?

Walked 3 miles.
In the rain.
Uphill both ways.
Lugging a laptop that got heavier with each mile. Must be all that water.

Mardi Gras. Huh.

I still get the star. Because I said so.

Photo courtesy of flickr.


Theresa said...

Walked 3 miles - of course you get a star! And I'll add a Well Done!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Plus carrying a laptop, not to mention the weight of the rain water your clothes absorbed-- I'd say it counts double!

McB said...

3 miles is definitely star worthy! And while carrying a weight! That's practically two excercises at once.

cularreg: klatchian for walking three miles in the rain while carrying a heavy object.

BCB said...

So . . . did you drown in all that water? Or just give up blog posts for Lent? Isn't the point to give up something YOU enjoy, not something other people enjoy? Just saying.

surgate: "n. a disappointing illiterate substitute" Uh huh. I'm having to find surgate blogs to read instead of yours.

Anonymous said...

Not so loud, you'll wake my conscience...