Sunday, February 08, 2009

So now what?

One thing I learned from doing the 100 push up challenge was the importance of form. It was so much easier to do the push ups, even the modified "girly" form, if the core muscles around the back and abdomen kept the body straight.
I was not happy with the way the core muscles slacked off in their duty. So that's my next challenge, to find a way to improve the core muscles.
I looked at the 200 sit up challenge and the 60 push ups in 60 seconds one, but they don't really float my boat. I hate sit ups anyway. If I'm going to be lying on the ground, I'll be floored, bored, and in general not motivated to work out.
The problem I see is that without a challenge like one of the above, there's no easy way to measure the improvement. Still working on that.
For this week, I plan the schedule thusly:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday - run. Throw in sprint if feel inclined. Then follow the non-cardio portions of Rania's Personal Trainer DVD.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Rania's Personal Trainer DVD. Concentrate on arms & abs.

Plus, I'm adding another challenge, this one food related.
I always start the week with good intentions, but I've noticed that by mid-week it's the hell with good intentions, just do what it takes to get through the day. So I'm trying to factor in prep time each night to pack a lunch. If I pack it (and remember to take it, important part there) then I'll eat mostly vegetables and healthy stuff.

Done! 30 minutes slug-speed jogging, with 3 baby sprints thrown in. My calves hate me when I do sprints, but it does feel good when I stop.

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good luck to you