Monday, February 09, 2009

My social life at work: definite progress

A grunt!

SilentMan, who has worked at a desk 10 feet away from me for nearly 4 years, but has never spoken to me,* almost broke his vow of silence! He was coming out of the break room as I turned the corner and we almost ran into each other. I said "Excuse me" and he opened his mouth -- for a moment, a thrill of anticipation ran through me -- and he gave a half-uttered grunt.

This is progress.

*To be fair, he never speaks to anyone else either. For that matter, he rarely leaves his cubicle. I have no idea what he actually does for the company, but it must involve speaking to someone somewhere sometime. Though I suppose hardware engineers don't /have/ to communicate much as a whole.

Exercise du jourRania's personal trainer DVD, abs and arms. Going light on the arms, after yesterday's 100 push ups.
Walked 2.5 miles instead.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

That would be really, really, weird to be in such close proximity to someone for so many years who doesn't speak!

Congrats on the grunt, for him it sounds like a huge step! Maybe in another few years it will be actual words.

He's getting comfortable with you!