Monday, February 16, 2009

Merry's Exercise Routine

Methinks time to rethink my exercise strategy.

[Photo credit:Roadsidepictures]


Theresa said...

Oh noes! It's only been a few days. Surely it can't be that bad!

*snort* word verification: noers

C said...

I hear you! It's all right though. You keep trying til you find the strategy that works for you. Trying is better than doing nothing.

I'm currently having a stubborn battle with myself about Weight Watchers. Not sure I want to go back, but I still need to have my weigh-ins accountable to/known by someone else or else that extra motivation is lost. Hmmm...still pondering.

You can do it, Merry!

BCB said...

I'm trying to think of something positive and uplifting and motivational to say about exercise.

[tick, tick, tick]

Nope. Nothing.

The bomb threat last night at my DD's school turned out to be a prank. Though apparently it caused an overwhelming force of men in uniform to gather on campus, regardless. Does that help?

basici: latin plural of basics (perhaps blogger is suggesting you get back to them?)

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about doing CrossFit? -
The everchanging workout schedule might appeal to you, especially if you have stopped exercising because you can not face yet another run or doing the same workout video again.