Sunday, February 01, 2009

Do I look like God's pinata to you?

I must have some cosmic 'whack me with a metaphysical baseball bat' sign put on me when I wasn't looking.

And I ain't sweet and full of candy -- that's my last working brain cell you hear rattled around inside my head.

And I swear if I don't get a day off soon I'm going to fall off the exercise wagon and go huddle under the blankets until the world goes away.

And I might even whine a bit, in a self-pitying way.

Like this.

Exercise du jour: Well fine. Thirty minutes of running, with three sprints thrown in, if I feel like it, which leaves 27 minutes for feeling sorry for myself, thinking negative angst-ridden thoughts, and whining to the dog about how hard life is. Hey, it's a schedule.
The nice thing about my schedule is that it's flexible. Went outside and ran half the distance, then jog/walked the rest. Tried to run some more indoors tonight; the calves were against it. Feels like a FAIL, but I'm going to count it because what the hell; it was still exercise. Would love to figure out why some nights are fabulous and other nights it all seems completely futile.


marie said...

Um, are you filled with delicious treats?

Crabby McSlacker said...

Feels like a FAIL, are you kidding? Exercising when you don't feel like it and even trying a 2nd time is awesome!!! That's so not a fail.

Especially if you've been dealing with calf cramps, I would NOT push it when the calves are hurting.

The forty seven pounds of guacamole and chips and ribs and fudge etc, etc, etc, I had today, now that feels like a FAIL.