Friday, October 05, 2007

See Spot. Stare at Spot. Whisper about Spot.

All right. Some foolish & non-polite people in the Hondo dog park seem to have some confusion on this issue, so let's go over some basics.

This is what a German Shepherd Dog looks like:

This is what a wolf looks like:

Still confused? Let's review.

German Shepherd Dog:


It wouldn't have been so irritating if people would have just asked me what kind of animal I was trying to persuade to walk around the dog park. But the staring and the whispering were... how shall I put it? Rude. No wonder Tanji wanted to leave after 3-1/2 minutes.


Ian said...

Annoying. I occasionally get the same thing. I have an Alaskan Malamute, and it probably doesn't help that he howls all the time as opposed to barking.


BCB said...

Hmmm. They look the same to me. You didn't tell us you had twins. So . . . which one did you take to the park?

Maybe you could get a t-shirt that says, "Not a wolf." It would also help to reassure small children when you're out in public on your own. :-)

The Merry said...

But Mr. Vanilla, a beautiful malamute looks like a dog, not a wolf! What's up with these people? Haven't they ever read Susan Conant's mystery novels?

BCB, I prefer to think of myself as a fox, actually ;)

They say that humans and their dogs tend to look alike after a while. With that in mind, I chose a dog that was thin and beautiful. Alas, the only thing we have in common is our tendency to shed hair :(

H said...

Wow, my Husky looked more like a wolf than your Shepherd. That's just stupid to whisper and point, even if they were more similar looking

soapbox girl said...

Because people are always trying to sneak in wolves at the dog park? ;)

The Merry said...

I'd expect people at a dog park to know a bit more about dogs than that.

Jack said...

Yes they are always trying to sneak wolves into dog park in our dog park as well :) People are so sneaky sometimes... :)
Come on! Who can honestly say they cannot separate a german shepherd dog from a wolf XD

I mean if you are doubtful, just go and ask the owner if their wolf is domesticated or not. :) I'm quite sure the 'wolf' won't bite you for doing that (the owner might though). It is just rude to go around whispering things.

German shepherds are sooo pretty, it's too bad I can't have one, cause I'd never have the time to take of him/her these days. I rather fancy huskies and malamutes as well.