Saturday, October 06, 2007

Me & Jack Kerouac

Time to be on the road. Maybe I'll run into wonderfully creative characters disguised as penniless poets, fueled by angst and Benzedrine and spouting marvelous if disjointed tales that will eventually end up in City Lights in hardcover.

More probably I'll end up in the 'burbs visiting with family and thinking Positive Thoughts. Oh well. I can take it for a week. Probably.


soapbox girl said...

With my luck I'd end up with Allen Ginsberg instead of Jack Kerouac in the back seat. :P

BCB said...

Have a safe trip, you and your sweet puppy. Take time to stop and smell the angst along the way -- or whatever else blooms out in those parts this time of year.

And take some pictures for us. I just love your pictures.

Positive Thoughts. You can do it.

Keziah Fenton said...

Come back to the Bar and Grill, we have a big ole glass of alcohol with your name on it. Or a jug if you prefer. But please come back...we miss you.