Monday, October 15, 2007

Green with pride, not envy

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Yikes! It's a good thing there are people out there who know what's happening out in BlogLand. I just learned from Marie's blog mousearoo's mumblings that today is Blog Action Day. People from all over are publishing posts today on the environment.

Saying we should do Something Good to help improve our environment is like saying you don't believe in kicking puppies. It's kind of assumed. But what specifically should I do today that could help?

Yeah, I could pledge not to drive the evilSUV today, but I was going to spend the day recovering from my vacation, so that's a given. I could make sure I recycle things instead of tossing them in the trash, but I do that already too. So I don't know if I can do any one thing today that will help the environment. But I can plan to do good things this week.

I'm going on record here to publicly state that I will go one whole week without driving the gas-guzzling evilSUV. I will bicycle to work or to the store. If I want to go into Portland to play, I will take the Max.

Anyone else want to go on record for doing Something Good this week? (No, BCB, it doesn't count if you publicly state that you won't drive my evilSUV for a week either. Nice try.)

Here's a list of 50 quick painless ways you can help the environment today.

Wikipedia also has a list of environmental issues, if you're interested.


BCB said...

So I should drive your evilSUV for one day? I'm confused. That would mean I'd have to get on an airplane, after driving to the airport, but first I'd have to do some laundry. . . sounds like excessive consumerism to me. I think it's best if I just say I'm not going to do that today. There. See? I'm doing my part. I feel better.

Though I would like to come out there for a visit. Was that a sort of backhanded invitation?

Thanks for the postcard! My boss was puzzled, bless his heart. "Is that from one of your sisters?"

"No, a friend." He thinks my life does not extend beyond the walls of the office. Sadly, he might be right.

Remind me to give you my home address.

The Merry said...

Yes, it's dangerous giving me your work address. Good thing I didn't send you a limerick ;)

There once was a woman named BCB
Who said "postcards aren't what they used to be!
They're all prim and proper;
You'd think that would stop her.
But no, Mary sends them all out to me."

The Merry said...

p.s. Meant to add a front-handed invitation. Of course you're welcome to come over, crash on my couch, check out Portland! I'll even introduce you to Cary ;)