Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Geez, the things I do to lose weight

Surprisingly enough, I survived my vacation. Didn't even gain any weight. Stress is good for my diet. Of course, the day after I came back, I put on two pounds. I figure I can either go away on vacation again, or find some other way to stress myself out.

So I'm looking into the possibility of buying a house.

Being a single woman all by my lonesome buying a house for the first time, well, this is going to do good things for the diet.

If you've been following the Dog saga, an update. Her ladyship stopped scratching herself as soon as we got out of town. Her fur was already starting to grow back within a day of coming back to California.

The vet had said that the blood test results showed an enormous amount of inflammation in her system. I think some of that inflammation must have settled in her joints, and being away from the source of the allergy reduced the inflammation dramatically. Not only did she stop scratching, she agreed to a very short walk the first day. By the third day there, she'd started suggesting the walk herself. By the end of the week, she had extended the length of the walk several blocks, and still had enough energy to bound after an uppity squirrel. She wasn't happy about my leaving her, but at least she's showing definite signs of recovering.

To me, this suggests another reason to move out of this place. Any location that made the poor dog so very sick can't be all that good for a human either.

I took loads of photos on my vacation. In case anyone was suffering from insomnia, I'd planned to post a couple of them here. The photo up top is sadly not a self-portrait. It comes from Flickr.


Ian said...

That's a great picture that you found.

Crabby McSlacker said...

So glad to hear the dog's getting better!

And yeah, the house buying thing is stressful, but it seems like a great time in most markets to be buying rather than selling. Some good bargains, depending on where you're looking.

Keep us posted!

Keziah Fenton said...

Glad to hear the dog is doing better and that you're seeing how it could affect you as well. Good luck with house-hunting. Got your card today. Woowee, I sure do want to visit. Are you coming east to McB's tree trimming party?

Lori said...


"loads of photos..."?

Hello. I don't need to speak of our unspoken agreement to share these kinds of things, do I?

And because I sometimes miss this:
rwyznxp: Right where you zapped Nancy's xylophone, please.

(I never said I was GOOD at it. Just that I MISS it. Sheesh :)

C said...

Good to hear your dog is doing better. also, good luck with the house hunting.

And thanks for the postcard! :) I will return the favor but I am currently hampered by the fact that I've misplaced your mailing address. Email it to me when you've got a free moment.

Take care.

McB said...

We've already 'talked' about the house thing, so I'll just wish you luck. Oh, and yes by all means come to my tree trimming/cookie baking party.

The Merry said...

Thanks, Vanilla, I wish I could say that was a photo of me.

Crabby, everyone keeps telling me it's a buyer's market. That probably doesn't apply to the magic bubble of the Bay Area, but in other places, sellers seem a bit more amenable to lowering their prices.

Sheryl, McB, I'd love to come to the tree-trimming party. I might have to be there in a virtual conference call sort of way, but that would mean Christina and Lori could probably come along too. Is virutal eggnog included?