Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hibernation only works for bears

Grizzly bear on a rock overlooking Or so I keep telling myself. I'm feeling a bit like a grizzly at the moment. It's still too dark in the morning, I got lured outdoors yesterday by nice weather, only to end up soaked through by a stealthy rainstorm. I don't wanna do nothing but curl up in the warm bed that's calling me right now. So I'm going to fake being motivated.
  • am: 1 hour Walking
  • noon: 15 minutes Cleaning
  • pm: 15 minutes organizing

Fail. Really not feeling well. I'm going to take a couple days off. Not sure why I'm feeling so tired, but it's A Sign. One good thing about tracking my exercise like this is that I can look back and point out to my conscience that yes, I have been exercising. I'm not a slacker if I take a day off. Or even two.


solarity said...

Hibernation sounds really good right now.
There's not enough work at work to keep me moving, but I have to be there to do what little there is, so I come home ready for bed instead of movement. Of course, when it IS busy I come home with a throbbing foot.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

Motivation follows action. All you have to do is get up.

KD James said...

I want to say this is what happens when you traumatize people by posting pics of BEARS. But that would be mean (and also not true) (although, c'mon, a pic of a freakin' BEAR?).

Please add "get some rest" to your To Do list so you can cross it off and feel all productive about it. Hope you feel better soon!

The Merry said...

I told myself, "Oh, KD James never comes by here... it's safe to post /one/ little bear."