Saturday, January 21, 2017

Slothful Saturday

Hello. This is Merry. I can't come to the blog right now. Please leave a message after the beep and I will feel guilty enough to come exercise tomorrow.beep
Tired. It's cold and dark and it's been winter for every and ... wah.
Okay. Whine over. But I'm going to take this feeling as a sign that maybe I should take it easy today.
  • am: 15 minutes cleaning -done
  • noon: 15 minutes organizing -fail. Got distracted. It's harder to stay focused on the weekends. Need to work on this.
  • pm: 30 minutes stretching, maybe a bit of yoga Ended up taking a walk. It's a luxurious feeling to be able to walk without slipping on ice. -done


messymimi said...

We are supposed to vary the intensity of our exercise over the week. You can't go 100% all of the time. Do what you can today, pick up again tomorrow.

The Merry said...

Yes, this was definitely not a 100% day. But still good, even so.