Sunday, January 08, 2017

Going outside? Mayyyyybe not

Miedzna Murowana bridge icicles 2008
It's icy out there today. More incentive to stay inside and be a sloth. I'm already in winter hibernation mode. As soon as it gets dark, I get sleepy. Last night, I procrastinated and ended up missing my pm exercise. I laid down "for a minute" and was out like a light. So today I'm trying the schedule in reverse, putting the exercise first.
  • am: 45 minutes walking, strengthening exercises -done
  • noon: 15 minutes cleaning -done
  • pm: 15 minutes organizing-done


messymimi said...

Hope it works, even if you have to walk around and around your own house to get the walking part done.

The Merry said...

I did have to do that. But this walking program has me throwing in exercises in the middle of the scheduled walks. It's nice to do that in the privacy of my own home rather than under the gaze of the neighbors. :)