Saturday, January 07, 2017

Up & Moving: Week 1 Review

Blowing snow in Norway
 It's a quiet day. Sitting here watching the snowflakes fall and feeling very glad I don't have anywhere to go. Baked some bread, made some soup. Really feel inclined to curl up under a fleecy blanket and read a book. But I've researched the calorie-burning values generated by turning a page, and it's not all that good. And swiping a kindle is even worse.
So exercise goes on.
Completed my first week of Up '& Moving, a program that uses scheduled walking and strengthening exercises to get myself in better shape. Don't really notice any difference, but that's good in a way. If I were sore, I'd be much less motivated to keep going. I have to say, if I hadn't signed up for this program, I would not have gone out walking at all last week. Freezing outside. And on my last walk, I discovered a little neighborhood library: a wooden box where people can leave or pick up books to read. I had no idea such a thing was in the area, and I've lived here for almost ten years.
One tip I picked up from the program was the app Runkeeper. If you have a smartphone, you can use this app to track how far you've walked. Much preferable to going to the local track, where I'm always afraid I'll be run over by one of the high school track teams.
  • am: 15 minutes cleaning -done
  • noon: 15 minutes organizing -done
  • pm: 15 minutes strength training, 30 minutes exercising -fail. Fell asleep.


messymimi said...

Not being sore also might mean you've gotten yourself in better shape than you thought with your December committment. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I AM sore, but that's the result of being back with the trainer after a week sick, a week away, and a week lazy. It's the kind of sore that tells me I'm hitting the right muscles and doing the right things. Meanwhile, I haven't been walking, but I have been housecleaning. That counts.

I use a similar app, Runmeter. Very useful. Last year my "intentional I-am-going-for-a-walk-now" mileage was 825. My goal was "more than the year before" which I accomplished because the previous year was 700 miles. I'm off to a very slow start this year. Will have to do something about that...after the housecleaning. - GG

The Merry said...

GG, you're way ahead of me on the exercise front. I am inspired by watching your hard work with your training and your fantastic progress!

Messymimi, I'm not sure if it's because I'm in good shape or because the program wants to ease people into exercise mode. I'm thinking if it doesn't pick up this week, I'll have to supplement it with more exercise.