Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just say Snow

Eventually it's going to stop snowing. Really. I'm just sure of it.
  • am: 15 minutes cleaning Shoveling the six inches of snow that fell last night on my sidewalk - done
  • noon: 15 minutes organizing Shoveling the several more inches of snow that fell this morning - done
  • pm: 45 minutes wild Baccanalian partying exercise DVD shoveling snow, trying to knock snow off branches that could bring down power lines, more shoveling snow. And then a break for making snowballs and throwing them for the neighbor's dog to chase. That was fun. -done


solarity said...

Unless it's nuclear winter, it will stop snowing. Eventually.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, cheerful optimist

The Merry said...

And in the meantime, I'm getting loads of exercise. And the neighborhood kids are having fun sledding. So it's good.

messymimi said...

The party, as long as it involves a lot of dancing, could count as exercise.