Monday, August 15, 2011

"Sell" myself? My mother warned me about that...

Hey, everybody! Look at me!

Quote du jour: Welcome to Sales! If you haven't been in Sales before, you are now.
- job seminar

Apparently, the "in" thing in Today's Job SearchTM is self-marketing. It's counter-intuitive, to put it mildly. Basically, it's taking the information from my résumé, reformatting it, then showing this to people who are not in a position to hire me, and asking them for their advice. It's supposed to increase my networking ability. What I'm thinking is that if I showed this to some former co-workers, people who are emphatically not up to the latest in Job Hunt TechniquesTM, they're going to feel like they're being put on the spot, that somehow I'm expecting them to help find me a job.

I'm sure it's a good idea to put together a marketing plan to showcase my skills, but frankly I'm not sure it would be a good idea to try to sell myself with it. I think it would be most helpful just for organizing my strengths in my own mind. That way, I would have the information readily available in case I were asked about it in a job interview, which is the place where I'd really be trying to sell myself. (Sorry, Mom.)

Yes, I know I can't just sit by the phone and wait for someone to lift their damned magic wand and flourish the ideal job into existence.

It would be nice, though...
What's that? Hugh needs a shoulder-warmer? Move aside, Nicole!

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes on the elliptical. It's not romantic, but it seems to be about my limit as far as Damn Knee is concerned.
Done! With only 20 minutes left in the day. Why is it, when I had 24 hours to get this exercise in, I waited until the 24th to get it done?

Peacock courtesy of Hypergenesb.
Hugh and what's-her-name courtesy of Gandalf (and you thought he was busy making movies)


C said...

I hate the whole self-promotion thing. I'm supposed to be doing that now, beefing up the CV, so I can whore myself out in the American job market in a couple of years, but it just leaves me feeling dirty.

Good luck, Merry.

The Merry said...

I know... I feel like I should be wearing fishnet stockings and high heels while I'm doing this.
I suppose I could wear them... I mean, for all I know that's how all y'all dress everyday, right? Maybe I'd blend in ;)

julia said...

Alas, if I were to 'sell myself' it would have to be a 2 for 1 offer with Angelina Jolie, having a shortened shelf-life, being damaged goods and with very dodgy packaging

The Merry said...

Hmmmn... packaging. Maybe if I dressed myself up like Angelina Jol-- no? Oh all right. It was just a thought. No need to make faces like that.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall the name of the movie, but it had Bette Midler and Danny DeVito in it, and she gets kidnapped. At one point the people holding her ransom cut the amount of money they will take for her safe return.... she says, "I've been MARKED DOWN? Like now I'm on sale?!"

That would be me too, damaged goods in the bargain bin. Not YOU of course! YOU are a highly valuable commodity, and that magic wand phone call is just around the corner.

Love that peacock picture.

The Merry said...

Ruthless People! I remember that. Seems to me she found being kidnapped a great experience, involving weight loss, great clothes, and new friends :)

London Mabel said...

A technique that might feel less awkward... (Which I've never done, but I pass on...)

Let's say your best friend has another good friend who works in a company that interests you. Your friend (if she's comfortable) asks her friend if you could meet with her, just to ask her questions about the company. A short meeting, 15 mins. You go in with some prepared questions, and stick to that time.

Your friend would make it clear you're not asking for a job, you're just trying to get to know more about the field/job/company, to see if it's right for you. (And you are!)

That would be a good time/place to leave your CV or this marketing sheet about yourself. If she ever hears of a job opening that you might be good for, or if she has a friend at a similar company etc., then she might pass on your CV.