Friday, August 12, 2011

For you, more Hugh

Quote du jour:Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. - Oprah Winfrey

Another morning spent in seminars. Now I get to spend the afternoon outdoors. It's too beautiful to stay indoors. For all you office workers, I'll leave Hugh up here for you to look at.

Exercise du jour30 minutes gentle bicycling. See how Damn Knee feels about that.

Photo courtesy of CoolGuyz.


messymimi said...

Seminars -- as boring as parent meetings. Ugh.

Hope knee didn't object.

Anonymous said...

I walked this evening, for 50 solid minutes, on my short stubby legs. Not fun. But ya know, healthy. (Bleh.)
Hope your knee is kind and polite and well behaved.

julia said...

Love your blog!

much appreciation for the fit man but if you could please feature aa semi-clad Johnny Depp my joy would be boundless!

and thank you for making me laugh

The Merry said...

Hi Mouse! Johnny Depp? I'll see if he's available.

Julie, I am in awe of your mad walking skillz. I know the pool was beneficial, but you are getting to see new things each time you get out, so that's cool.

MessyM, parent meetings sound lethal. The knee is less than thrilled with me today, but then I'm not too pleased with it either.

Anonymous said...

So true Merry, all of this out of doors stuff certainly contains some great sights. (Also, thank you, I need the encouragement. You are one of my "movement" inspirations anyway though.)

OH! Yes, Johnny Depp for me too please. And thanks.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love that you are now going to be hosting a bespoke beefcake photo gallery, with custom-fit hunks for every predilection! Just figure out a way to charge for it, and you won't need a pesky job.

Hope the knees feel better soon!