Monday, August 08, 2011

I AM smiling

funny pictures - I AM smiling
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Cranky? Why the heck should I be cranky?

Just got off the phone with a recruiter who wanted me to take a position... pretty good fit. Except for the fact that he wanted me to take a 40% pay cut for a job where I'd have to pay for my own benefits. That makes me cranky.

Damn knee is making me cranky as well. All I did was try to kneel down for a minute on a hard surface, and it hurt for two days. My body wants me to take a 60% reduction in exercise, with no benefits.


Exercise du jour: Working out on the elliptical.
Done! Did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Thank goodness for drugs (i.e. pills I took to keep the swelling down, not narcotics, dude).


solarity said...

Arrgh, indeed. Tell your knee to talk to the recruiter. That might work.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

English Rider said...

Maybe you could take the recruiter's job? Sorry, life sucks on many levels just now.

messymimi said...

Tell the recruiter to come back with only offers he would seriously give his own family.

Hope the knee is better soon.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much all of my news was bad today too. Yep, that's what MY smile looks like as well.

The Merry said...

Oh dear. Still, I do like your remedy for a lousy day: chocolate frosting and a good man ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol, ya know, I may live to regret that I typed such a thing in as a public comment... nah, it was the truth. And seriously, it DOES help!

Amy said...

deep breathing and hot tea, or i guess iced tea as it's august. possibly with alcohol.

The Merry said...

Well... if you insist...