Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Interviewer, Bad Interviewer

I realize that job interviews are a mixed bag; people are a mixed-up species. Even so, some established conventions of behavior are generally observed.

For example, in an interview one does not usually see the interviewer:
a) sigh deeply
b) clear their throat meaningfully
c) shift from side to side impatiently

Granted, all of this behavior occurred when her co-interviewer was talking, and he was talking most of the time. Equally, it could also be read as her impatience with this interview taking so long, if she'd already decided to write me off early on. Since I don't know the woman, I have no way of knowing.

The male interviewer, on the other hand, was really easy to talk to. I found him nice, intelligent, relaxed and with a sense of humor. Him, I could work for.

Honestly, looking back it was like a case of good cop, bad cop.

Exercise du jour: I managed a whole 10 minutes on the elliptical before it became too damn hot and sticky to work out. This weather has got to go. I took two baths today before the danged interview. I was ready to throw myself at the interviewers' feet and offer to work for air conditioning.

Pictures from Glen or Glenda courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Spilling Ink said...

I should think the least you can do when you interview is to try to appear interested. It isn't easy to be interviewed as it is.

The Merry said...

I did have one horrible interview where I was a co-interviewer, and my colleague decided she should talk for the full interview without interruption. The poor woman being interviewed must have thought we were nuts.
Granted, she was the equivalent of a Ph.D applying for an intern position, so I'm not sure what she was doing there in the first place. Even so, I could see her giving us a look as if to say "are you guys kidding me?" as we each tried to ask our questions.

The nicest thing about experiences like that is when you remember that they're in the past.

Anonymous said...

I totally know how you feel. I had a recent interview with 4 people. One woman was sitting on my far left and one man was sitting in front of me but slightly to the right. He seemed happy with my answers. At the end of the interview, I realized she was really irritated with me. I don't know if she felt that I wasn't looking at her enough or if it was something else I said or did. Since she was the principle hiring person, needless to say I did not get the job.

The Merry said...

Anon, that stinks! I think it's possible that the problem in the interview was significant of deeper intra-office problems that you are probably much better off without. Even so, @#$!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well ick. On all counts.
(still hot here, but PERHAPS slightly less humid)

The Merry said...

According to the WebExperts, it might actually get down into the 70s tonight. Whether that's translated into my indoor sauna -- er, I meant to say house -- is another question. I'm starting to wonder if the neighbors would care if I set up a tent in the front yard.

JavaChick said...

I would relate my worst job interview story in an effort to cheer you up, but I'm still traumatized by it (5 years later) and I don't want to post it on the internet.

Suffice it to say, job interviews suck.

messymimi said...

Best job interview i ever had was with a guy who wanted to date me anyway. Yes, i got that job, and he was transferred soon after.

Still praying you get a great job soon.

ari_1965 said...

Sorry it wasn't a 100% good hopeful experience.

In 2010 I interviewed with a man who ate a large pastry (the kind with chocolate frosting on top and suspiciously golden custard inside) all through my interview. Although it makes for a humorous story, it was and it wasn't. I drank an entire bottle of wine by myself that night. I still think I'd like to go back and shoot him almost dead (so he has time to hear me tell him why I killed him and to think about it a little.)

Okay, not having a good day. Sorry. Should stay off the computer. Yelled at the dog, too.

The Merry said...

Please don't apologize if you need to vent! And I don't mind if you want to yell at me, if that helps any. Plus, the pup knows you love him no matter what. He'll forgive you.