Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nothing like a fine whine

Depressing study du jour: Both getting married and getting divorced cause weight gain. You're doomed either way.

The heck with depressing studies. I'm too tired to care right now. Not really in the mood for much of anything. Maybe if I start off blogging, I'll get motivated to do useful work around the house. (Well, it's possible.)

The original plan was to take Friday off, but I ended up having to send work samples to one recruiter and wait for another recruiter to schedule another interview and on top of that I had to go out to lunch with a former co-worker.

Tangent: Why does the above paragraph sound so whiny? They weren't bad things, just not part of my original plan of having a close encounter with my hammock under a nice shady tree.

I knew that if I stayed at home Monday, I would spend the time brooding over the impending interview and the potential maybe interview from the company who wanted to review my work. So I figured the best thing to do was take Skye's advice and head for the ocean.

By the way, the Pacific ocean is nice and cool. Well, freezing would actually be a better word. Even when the air is hot, the ocean is not. Whenever visitors come from afar, they always say something like "It's July! I'll be sure to bring my swimsuit!" I do warn them that we import our ocean fresh from Alaska, but they always seem want to try anyway. Rarely do they try twice.

Ms. Skye, being a native, didn't expect me to bring a swimsuit. She was kind enough to show me the sights of her corner of the coast. I always see coastal towns as places for tourists; it was nice to see the livable side of town.

Walking a mile or so in deep sand is really good exercise. My calf muscles were stiff the next day, and Damn Knee was swollen, but it was a good workout. Then I went home and prepared for the upcoming interview by going shopping. My last interview outfit didn't look so good once I got it home (I presume it shrunk on the drive home?), and I couldn't face the thought of another interview in that thick wool coat, so really it was my duty to stimulate the economy a bit further.

Okay, I typed all that out and I still don't have any energy. I suspect my cutting back on the coffee is starting to affect my energy level. Or I need to get my thyroid tweaked. Or I need air conditioning, so I can get my house to cool down at night so I can sleep.

Geez, I thought I sounded whiny before. Clearly I should stop before I begin moaning about how unfair life is.

Exercise du jour: I'm going to crank out 15 minutes on the elliptical. Even a woman with no energy at all should be able to manage that.
Done! Dang, but it's hot. Just 'cause we sent them an earthquake or two, the other side of the country feels impelled to send us their heat & humidity. They're too kind. Really. No, I meant really.


Shelley said...

Your ocean is imported from Alaska? That explains it. I dipped my toes in the water at Sea(side? bright? something) years ago and they are just now thawing!

Beautiful picture of the flowers. There are nothing like plants by the ocean. :)

Yay for shopping?

Hope you get some good sleep tonight and tomorrow is a better day.

The Merry said...

Sorry about that, Shelley. I think the people at Seaside make a little extra money on the side selling foot warmers to the unwary.

Keziah Fenton said...

It may be cold but it sure is pretty. I'm glad you took Skye's advice. I think my favourite pic is of the birds on the rocks (what kind of drink is that?)

The Merry said...

I think those seagulls were extras left over from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. They were giving me very darkly suspicious looks.

julia said...

ah, so that explains the weight gain, they didn't warn me about that at the altar, for richer, for poorer, for fatter and fatter, amen

as ever, good luck with your endeavours

Anonymous said...

I LOVE our coast so very very much! Although, I also LOVED the beaches in Hawaii too.... hmm, pattern for sure here.

Glad you got something that was NOT a wool jacket. I can't read anything that talks about weight gain, just breathing seems to be adding pounds to my middle every damn day.

Mercury is almost straightened out, there is eternal hope for us all.
(I didn't think this was much of a whine-fest at all.)

The Merry said...

Mouse, they really should warn people about the weight gain involved in this marriage/divorce business. It's only fair.

Julie, I suspect it's all this friggin' hummmmmmidity that's adding weight. That's my story, anyway.

messymimi said...

So stay single. Sorry, it's my inner grump saying that.

Hope the interview went well.

London Mabel said...

Oh you saw Skye, how fun!

It can be hard to keep your own energy up at home alone. When you go into a work place, you're forced to be cheerful and a bit zippy because you interact with others.

On top of it, from Jan onward I was on a new preventative drug for headaches that made me wicked sleepy, so it was a struggle to just not nap every few hours! I'm coming off it now cause it didn't help much.

And I've started a part-time job, so my doctor gave me a new drug to try but said to not start it until I've been on the job for awhile. ;-)

Fight on! Fight on my palsy walsy! And whine sometimes too!!

The Merry said...

Skye is very nice, and I recommend her walking-in-the-sand workout if you ever get a chance :)