Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It IS polite to stair

Quote du jour: Walking stairs is one of the greatest exercises for weight loss.
- Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Okay, I've done 200 squats. Now what?

Well, it's nasty outside. (In December? Go figure.) I'm still going outside at lunch for the three runs around Nike, since the running keeps me warm, but the idea of a walk is less than appealing. I need an indoor exercise that I can do at lunch, and I've decided to try stair climbing.

The downside is that I work in a building that only has three stories. There aren't too many skyscrapers out here in the 'burbs. Not sure how silly I'll feel going up and down the same few flights; I can but try.

Exercise du jour: Walk to the Max, and stair climb 15 minutes at lunch.
Done! Well, the stair climbing anyway.
Well, actually I did 10 minutes, not 15, but I very quickly decided this was a bit on the strenuous side. Did the equivalent of 14 stories, both up and down. 672 steps, all told.

HBBC: 2 (stairs and veggies)

photo courtesy of Emasmeso.


Kelly the Happy Texan said...

I thought about you yesterday when I was doing squats. Not sure how many I did but it was way less than 100 and I can barely move today.
Your accomplishments are impressive.

messymimi said...

Don't feel silly. Just climb, the unfit people will feel silly as they stand idly by watching you get more and more fit.

Merry said...

That's the thing -- the vast majority of people at my work are incredibly fit, the kind of people who jog 10-12 miles over lunch. They'll probably breeze past me going upstairs :(

Kelly, if you can up and do a whole bunch of squats just like that, you are in pretty good shape. I'm not surprised that you're feeling it today, but I am impressed that you could do that :)

Judith said...

100 squats! Kelly, I did 20 and thought I was doing well! I am impressed also. Merry, I love your way with words. "It IS polite to stair!" Chortle! (Nothing like a good chortle in the morning.)