Sunday, December 05, 2010

HBBC: I exist to make you all look good

Quote du jour: Nothing like getting your ass kicked to make your ass hurt.
- Buffy

I put off posting my numbers on the HBBC spreadsheet because I'd heard rumors (from a reasonably reliable source) that people were kicking ass, posting thousands a whole lot of exercise points each day.

I thought looking at their exuberance would depress me. I was right. It did.

And then I thought -- so what? Doing this HBBC challenge has gotten me off my couch and onto my elliptical several times in the past couple weeks. It's gotten me to extend my exercise hours and mileage -- in a small way maybe, but it's still made me stretch. I may not win a prize for total exercise insanity great achievements, but I am improving.

You know those cheesy self-help books that tell cheesy self-help stories to cheer you up and make you feel better about shelling out $$$ for them? Well, here's another self-help story:

A little boy kept throwing a baseball up in the air and trying to hit it with his bat. Each time he swung, he missed.
Obviously discouraged, he stopped trying after a while, and said "I am the worst batter in the entire world." He threw down the bat and started to walk away.
Then he stopped, tossed the baseball up in the air and caught it. A look of triumph spread over his face. "I," he proclaimed, "am the greatest pitcher ever!"

Well, that's kind of how I feel. I may not be good at exercising for hours a day earning a lot of HBBC points, but I am damn good at holding down the low end of the achievement curve. I am there to make all of you HBBC people look good. I hope you appreciate me.

Exercise du jour: I passed the week 5 test, so it's on to week 6 of the 200 Squats challenge.


HBBC: Yesterday, 4 (yoga and ellipticalling)

Today: Just 1 2. Don't know what I'd do without my friend the elliptical. Also, did squat.


C said...

For some reason my Google Reader only saw this today (on Sunday). Huh.

I hear ya. I'm floored by how many points some people are scoring. But then I try to ignore them and just do what I can do.

I love bringing up the rear (not a euphemism).

The Merry said...

It was originally posted last week because I was typing the date with my eyes half open. I need coffee.

And no worries -- I got your back (not a glavenism).

messymimi said...

You are earning points! That is the main thing, it shows you are doing something, as opposed to doing nothing. Good for you.

English Rider said...

People have been known to lie! Regardless, Hooray for your perspective.