Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 out of 3 pictured like these sweaters

fashion fails - Dogs Hate Winter Sweaters
see more Poorly Dressed

Quote du jour:
Look at it from the dog’s perspective. He’s spent the bulk of the last year on a 6 foot chain in someone’s back yard because he committed the unconscionable sin of no longer being a puppy. Finally, they take him for a car-ride--dumping him in a wooded area where he can have a "fighting chance." Despite everything, he waits there for their return or tries to get back home. He raids trash cans and gets sick. If he’s extremely lucky, he survives long enough for an animal lover to find him and bring him to the shelter. Then he sits in the loud, scary shelter run, starting to lose faith that his family will ever find him.

Finally, you come to the shelter and you take him home.

You not only bring him into your house, you give him his own bed and bowl, and a crate where he feels safe. You speak quietly. You feed him regularly AND give him toys and treats and nylabones. And when he goes out in the car, he always comes back.

Your rescue dog’s biggest fear is that you will spontaneously combust.
- NosyDogs, GSD rescue

That's a long quote, but I really liked it.

Exercise du jour: 10 minutes stair climbing at lunch, 50 minutes ellipticalling at home
FAIL. I hate posting a fail, and get nervous when I post two fails in a single week. Not good. I skipped the stairs because my calf muscles are still stiff as a couple of boards. (Did climb the stairs, but not as continuous exercise.) Then I skipped the ellipticalling because the cramps came back. So instead of working out, I curled up under a blanket and drank wine. Two steps backwards. Try again tomorrow.
HBBC: Cramps 1 Merry 0


One Crazy Penguin said...

What a great quote! And an even more adorable pic :)

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Love the quote and the picture. I don't mind doing stair climbing if the stairs are escalators. :P

Keith said...

There is a special place for people who abandon pets like that. It makes Antarctica in the dead of winter look warm.

I think the best advice I ever heard about how to deal with a tricky situation was "be the person your dog thinks you are."

messymimi said...

Same with cats, unfortunately, and they have even less chance than dogs of making it out of the situation.

Good luck on the exercise.

Tricia said...

50 minutes on the elliptical rocks!

do you have a program you follow?or just go?

(rehabbing my knee I've been on the elliptical lately and have found a set schedule (sprint for x amount of time, slow, sprint,etc) helps pass the time)

Judith said...

I really like the quote too.
Good luck with the exercise.

azusmom said...

11 1/2 years ago Hubby and I adopted a six month-old mixed breed puppy who'd been found near a dumpster. Today she's lying on her bed next to the portable heater, waiting for the kids to come home. She went to the dog park this morning and is now napping. She may be a bit arthritic, and not nearly as fast as she used to be, but the love she gives us grows every day.

Merry said...

And I bet she knows how loved and appreciated she is :)

Tricia, if I'm watching commercial TV when using the elliptical, then commercials are sprint time. Today I really don't feel up to a sprint, so I'll probably just plod along.

LaShaune said...

great quote. Although the husky looks a bit peeved in the photo, I bet his/she is happy as a pig in slop once the photo is done.

elliptical on, my friend.

Retta said...

Hey... that photo shouldn't be on "poorly". That was one handsome dog in one handsome sweater!

I loved the long quote, too. And agreed with Keith about where people who mistreat puppies (and kittens) should be sent. Grrrrr... hiss!


Dr. J said...

This was painful for me to read, as it is what was done to THE dog of my childhood, except for what ever happened to him :-(

Merry said...

Dang, I hope you're referring to your dog being forced to wear a sweater.
It /is/ painful. The rescue told me that the idiots had planned to leave my dog on the beach "because she loved it so" and hope someone would pick her up. They paid almost a thousand dollars for her, she was beautifully trained in obedience, and they were going to abandon her on the beach.
Some humans shouldn't own a pet rock.