Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why I am not better than cable

Pet Peeve du Jour: I wouldn't mind people dropping in unexpectedly, if it weren't for the fact that they expect me to drop what I'm doing to entertain them.

Excuse me? You want free entertainment, find a television. You want to know if I'm free to go do something fun, ask me. Don't just suddenly take it into your head to "drop by because I was in the neighborhood" and then expect me to stop what I'm doing when I need to get these things done today. You stop by my house because you're bored, I'm likely to put you to work.

The trouble with friends or relatives who are retired or out of work is that they have a lot of free time and haven't had to do the 9-5 stuff in quite a while. From my own experience, I can vouch that it's easy to forget that other people have deadlines when you do not. All the same, they could try to see the other side of the picture.

Okay. Done now.

What did people do before blogging? This is a great medium for venting about irksome irritations that aren't major enough to write a novel about, but are frustrating enough to poison a perfectly good day.

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes with my rowing machine, whom I've been informed is actually male. The full name is Michael Rhoda-Bhote.*

Done! Finally. Okay, to the more technically-minded this might seem like it was completed on the next day, given that I finished exercising after midnight. But there are times when it pays not to be too technical, and this is one of them. It's done.

*My apologies to anyone who just got a 60's flashback/earworm. P.S. Thanks Gina for christening the rowing machine!


Judith said...

Took me a moment to get it, but thanks for the belly laugh! (Coffee on the keyboard splort.)

Tricia said...

life before blogging?

didnt exist


solarity said...

In the subculture I come from, Before Telephones when you dropped in on somebody, you did whatever they were doing, whether it was relaxing on the porch or canning beans. Or you went away. I was born After Telephones, but this has still not faded. It's because farmers always have deadlines, and Mother Nature doesn't necessarily tell you when they are.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Andrew Opala said...

before blogging people wrote in their diaries ... and the diaries had locks on them!

Shelley said...

LOVE the rower's full name!

Next time, hand the the drop ins the vacuum or shovel. That will be the last time they'll drop in...and hopefully you'll have gotten some free labor out of it!

Cat said...

I agree with Shelley, if they don't call, it's free labor. I always try to give a ring before I come over, it's saved me going to an empty house, and twice when someone was ill. SO, hope you were still able to get your 'stuff' done.

Darn music...


messymimi said...

Mind if I borrow that name for my rowing machine?

Agree with you that you can't drop everything just because someone drops in. I tell them to pull up a chair and grab a bottle and feed a kitten, or teach the math lesson, or come chop onions while I stir the roux. If they don't want to join in the fun, they find something else they have to go do.

Anonymous said...

What is this blogging of which you speak? If I pretend ignorance, can I skip another week between posts?

I'm confused. This post seems to indicate that you answer the summons of the doorbell by opening your door. What, are you crazy? Experience shows that 9 times out of 10 there will be someone on the other side who wants to talk to you. And rarely do they want to talk about their plan to shower you with cash and gifts and adoration. The nerve of some people.

Life is much easier when you just ignore it. Well, unless you ordered a pizza or something.

bruptst: term describing my attitude when I forget I'm a hermit and answer the door

The Merry said...

Thanks, Judith!
(Or maybe I should apologize and offer you a handkerchief?)

Tricia -- sounds reasonable to me :)

Mary Anne in K -- oddly enough, I was in the backyard shoveling when this particular incident occurred.

Andrew -- alas, as I can testify, brothers were born to break the locks on diaries. So, presumably, this means that brothers were created to further the Freedom of Information Act?

Shelley -- next time this happens, they're getting the shovel. And they can see how they like planting trees :)

Cat -- sorry about the darn music

MessyM -- please feel free to steal (i.e. give a good home) to anything found here. Really.

Ms. K.D. James -- Honestly, my usual approach is to ignore life until it goes away. Doesn't always work with persistent 'friends' or that phenomenon known as the I.R.S.

ari_1965 said...
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ari_1965 said...

Before blogging, people transformed themselves into superheroes and volunteered their time to save the world from the machinations of evil and, usually, smirking villains. Then came blogging. People could stay home and blog. People could stay home and blog while wearing ordinary clothing instead of hand wash only capes that took so much time to iron. Sure, a few people tried to keep the superhero hobby alive. But then the evil villains discovered blogging. Why go to all the trouble of smirking in public when you can just stay at home and type the smirk emoticon on your blog? Yes, blogging is here to stay.

marie said...

So I guess I can't come over for tea and cookies today?

Josie said...

OMG I couldn't agree with you more! Excellent.

I have always found it rude when people stop by unannounced. I am glad I am not the only one!

The Merry said...

Marie, of course you can come over! I'll make the tea, you bring the cookies :)

Josie, I'm glad you agree. I don't think it's intentional, but it is thoughtless.

Ari, that's a nice cape you've got there!