Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Friday, another picture of Hugh

You're not the only one who's happy it's Friday...

Study du jour:

Interesting. A study from Stanford suggests that people who feel pain but also have a strong sense of being in love are better able to cope with pain than people who are isolated and do not feel loved and appreciated.

"It's important to recognize that people who feel alone and depressed may have very low pain thresholds, whereas the reverse can be true for people who feel secure and cared for.

All the pieces are starting to fit together rather neatly...

Goal for the week: Yes, again with the getting up early and out the friggin' door. I just know this is going to become second nature. In another decade or so.

Exercise du jour:30 minutes rowing

Photo of Hugh courtesy of Nala WarriorLioness


C said...

There was a great photo of Hugh and Gerard Butler TOGETHER on yesterday. Yummy.

I lub you, buddy. Ok, I'm not in love with you, but there is love all the same.

Good luck getting out the door this morning. I slept in.

messymimi said...

Your loyal readers care for you, and that includes me.

Not the same as a special someone, I know.

Don't give up. On getting up early, or other things, either.

Amy said...

do you think dog love affairs count?

and also, the word verification if read not totally literally says "read me" which is pretty awesome!

Judith said...

There can never be too many photos of Hugh.

Deborah said...

I saw your comment on Where's My Effing Pony and thought your name and the beach picture would lead me to someone I already knew. But they didn't.
Howeveer, I'm not disappointed at all because I enjoyed myself quite a lot reading your profile and your last few posts.
You may think yourself challenged in some ways, but where humour is concerned, you're definitely not.

Lee said...

I was hoping you meant that "Hugh." Well done.

LMI said...

I keep coming back just to stare at that picture. Not that the post wasn't great, too:-)