Friday, October 15, 2010

Ornish: day 6

Is it supposed  to look like that?

Quote du jour:
We tend not to question our beliefs, our perceptions, and our patterns of behavior, even when they are causing problems for us. The same homeostasis that protects us from change also makes it more difficult for us to transform even when it's in our best interest to do so.... Part of the value of pain is to help motivate you to change.
- Dean Ornish

Goal of the day: Pay attention. If I find myself wanting to eat something unhealthy, ask myself why I want to do this right now.
Done! Of course, in this case the answer was "because I want to stay awake and alert so I can finish the project even if I am working on it at 11 pm due to someone else's lack of planning not that that bothers me much I'm just going to vent about it here and maybe grind my teeth a bit."

Goal of the week: Final day of the week-long yoga challenge.

Exercise du jour
: 30 minutes rowing


messymimi said...

We tend to cling to the familiar, even if it is what is hurting us.

Keep asking why. It will help you change in the ways you want to.

aec5940 said...

Loving the yoga experiment. You mentioned that it may be the reason you are falling asleep more easily. Let us know if you notice any other positive effects.

Judith said...

OMG that illustration is wonderful! Well chosen, ma'am! Are you going to keep on with the yoga?

The Merry said...

Yes, I think I am going to keep going with the yoga. A longer trial seems indicated. Plus, I kinda like it, at least for now.