Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My own personal archaeological dig

Move over, Xenia, there's a new archaeologist in town.

I was originally supposed to go into work this weekend, but they pushed that off until next weekend. And since this was a traditional dark and stormy night weekend, I thought I might as well do something useful while I was listening to the rain.

So I spent most of the weekend sorting through the layers of stuff in my garage. Like a tell, you can tell* a lot about my life by looking at the stuff I've kept for so many years.

Sorting through a heap like this involves time travel. I'd hit certain boxes that were micro-capsules from the past, mini-representations of entire eras in my past. It's tiring to sort through things; you end up re-living the memories and sometimes you dig up some pretty heavy stuff. I have always set great store by my storage, and it's traditionally been very hard for me to get rid of things.

Now, however, my biggest question, with most of this stuff, is "why?"

This weekend, I got rid of things that I'd kept for 10, 20, even 40 years. In some cases I have no idea why I was saving them. Is this a sign of old age? Am I evolving into a more spiritual being, detached from material possessions?

Or maybe my psyche is starting to feel like I'm on a sinking ship and I need to lighten the load.

p.s. Xenia, why don't you warn people that a large part of archaeology involves fighting off big, ugly, scary-looking spiders? I do feel someone ought to have mentioned that somewhere along the line.

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes rowing.

Fail. Fail, fail, fail, fail. There are times when life gets in the way, and then there are times when you look at the schedule and say "WTF? Who scheduled this in today's list? Even Superman would have said "The heck with this," and gone back to the drawing board.
In other words, goals created in theory had no basis in tonight's reality. Not that I'm all that much in favor of reality, in general.

*Hey, it's Punday. You're supposed to make puns. Nobody said they had to be good puns.


C said...

Actually, it's not so much the spiders as the worms that are ever present on a dig site. Worms and large scary maggot things with horns and teeth. No joke.

Congrats on the excavation and spoil removal. That's always the toughest part, you know.

McB said...

And now Xenia has talked me out of exploring another career possibility.

Merry, congrats on the de-storaging progress.

Theresa said...

Moving overseas is an excellent way of forcing yourself to cull your stuff. Just sayin'.

And oooh, and doesn't the PNW have brown recluse spiders?!? Ayeeeee!

The Merry said...

Actually, I think I might have met a Brown Recluse. (They do like hanging around cardboard.) Oregon also has Hobo spiders and of course Black Widows. I keep my vacuum cleaner at the ready when I'm excavating :)

The Merry said...

Maggots with horns and teeth? Acccccckkkkk!!!

The Merry said...

P.S. Technically, spider experts say that the PNW spider is /not/ "the" Brown Recluse spider, but some relative that also is capable of necrotizing bites. Seems like splitting hairs to me. If it has the same effect, it's close enough.

messymimi said...

It's when you get to where you can ask "why" that you are ready to get rid of it. Before that, you think you have good reason not to.

Good work on letting go!

Lee said...

"...large scary maggot things with horns and teeth"

Holy crap!