Thursday, October 28, 2010

Start over, the foot doctor said

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Start over, the foot doctor said.
And he's the expert, so I figured he said whereof he knew.

To me, "start over" means the Couch to 5k.

Yes, I've done that before. So why repeat myself? Because lame is the name of the game 'round these parts I need to find something that will help guard against my worst problem -- doing too much too soon.

It's weird. In the past, I did C25K to get me started running, now I want something that will tell me when to stop. Preferably before I hurt something. I need to work on stopping.

Yesterday, for example, I kinda sorta didn't hear the podcast guy say "stop running" so I ran through a walking section and onto the next run interval. When I was a couch-newbie, I wouldn't have missed his saying "walk now" -- hell, I'd have been listening most intently, almost begging him to say it. I'm not saying that I like running (stop laughing, Marie!) but... well... it is awfully nice to get into a groove and keep going. But that doesn't mean I enjoy it or anything like that.

Pretty much, anyway.

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes rowing.


marie said...


Dr. J said...

Races come and go, training is forever!

Just do the training. Soft surfaces, cushioned shoes, midfoot strike.

Send money to my paypal account, it will help you takle the advice. I'll refund it when you are happy with your weight.

messymimi said...

I get having to be told to stop. Moms never stop, either.

Work up slowly, and someday you will again enjoy your running groove.

LaShaune said...

Yeah - I'm on Wk3 (not sure of the day). This is the 3rd try of Wk 3 for me, but I'm running on a treadmill to keep my heel spur from flaring up. Hopefully, I will make it to Wk 4 soon. Maybe.

Amanda said...

I'm so envious of folks who can do C25K :) I've tried three times, and sadly this last time is what finally showed me that my knees are probably just too bad for me to run, ever.

Genetics are a bear, and mine are a particularly unathletic, fragile jointed variant.

Enjoy it, even though you have to stop :)