Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ornish: day 4

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Quote du jour:
Anything that helps you to transcend your isolation will help you to lose excess weight and keep it off. More than that, though, transforming and transcending isolation is the essence of real healing.
- Dean Ornish

Even if surrounded by people, if you feel disconnected than you are isolated.

Goal of the day: Today, I'm going to contact a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. Bridge the gap.
Done! We're having lunch on Friday.

Goal of the week: Yes, I'm going to keep up the yoga. I'd like to try getting to sleep earlier, but it's the only time I can guarantee yoga time. And I suspect that yoga is helping me drop off rather than lying in bed for an hour or so.
Done! Though I didn't get to done before 1:15 am.

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes rowing. I do find myself liking rowing. I suspect it's because it's an exercise you can perform sitting down.
Done! Okay, not quite. When I saw that I couldn't start until after Midnight, I compromised and only did 20 minute on the rowing machine. Still think it's worth the dang star, especially because I stayed up late to get it done.


Andrew Opala said...


Great quote. Don't be a stranger.

messymimi said...

Rowing is great -- it always feels like strength training and aerobics at the same time.

I hope the person you reach out to reaches back.

Dr. J said...

Been away for a while. Dean Ornish saved my cousin after my cousin had two heart attacks in his 60's! He is now in his 90's!!

I eat like Dr. Ornish :-)

RebeccaJ said...

You are my hero! Working out after midnight - never happen in my house.