Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Perils of Pizza

Just ran across an old post, never published, from August:

A six pound weight gain overnight? Wait a minute. If I'd weighed those slices of pizza, all three four of them together would not have equaled one pound. And I did exercise yesterday, really I did. (20 minutes jog/walk, 10 minutes raking.) How the hell does that translate into six pounds?

It's interesting because yesterday, in addition to two hours of exercise, I ate a couple slices of pizza. And this morning I woke up to find that I had gained four pounds.

Note to self: Pizza is evil. Avoid at all costs.

Exercise du jour: yoga, walking. If passing a pizza parlor, walking very, very fast.
Done! No, not the walking by the pizza parlor part. I decided to avoid temptation. But I did an hour's worth of yoga and another hour's worth of raking the roof. (Some people rake the lawn, me I just gotta be different. I blame the neighbor's tree.)


Crabby McSlacker said...

Ah, the dreaded Pizza Pounds. I figure it's the salt, and so it's water weight, and eventually it will disappear.

That's my story, anyway, because pizza's too good to give up.

The Merry said...

Hmmmmn.... so, if it's water weight, does that mean I should eat pizza because it helps me stay hydrated? I like that theory :)

Tricia said...

Merry and Crabby...I trust you with my health, and if you say pizza is good for hydration then Papa Johns here I come. :)

Hope youre having a great weekend!

Charlotte said...

You know, I have long pondered that same thing. How is it that a one-pound box of chocolates can make me gain 5 pounds? Doesn't that defy some law of physics? And no I'm not being hyperbolic - I swear this happens.

The Merry said...

Oh, Charlotte, I believe you. Honest. And Tricia and Crabby probably do too. Methinks if there were more women physicists, this phenomenon would be studied more thoroughly.
Dibs on being one of the volunteers to study this in the lab!