Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week 6 of the C25k, day 2

The last run before the 5k.
Pray for nice weather on New Year's!
Woman gets on treadmill, turns invisible. Film at 11.

Update du 8 pm: Okay, maybe I was unclear. When I said "pray for nice weather," I meant weather that it would be nice to run in, not several inches of Winter Wonderland snow!
Let's try this again. Can we pray for nice running weather, i.e the snow and ice to go away before Thursday i.e. two days from now?

Exercise du jour: Week 6, day 2, C25k
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
  • Jog 1 mile (or 10 minutes)
  • Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Jog 1 mile (or 10 minutes)
Done! Indoors, thanks to the fact that it's really slippery and slidery outside right now. And whoever said exercise helped with cramps must have been a man. Otherwise, not a bad session.


Tricia said...

I am SO super exicted for you. (silly since I don't really "know" you but I'm sincerely thrilled for you.)

Just have fun :)

LaShaune said...

If you run to Houston, the weather will nice and sunny! Best of luck on your 5K - you can do it!

Shelley said...

I love the invisible woman! Can't wait to hear all about the 5K!

Marste said...

Yay! You'll do great! :D

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I just signed up for my first race. March 14. That gives me time to finish the c25k... I'm already nervous.

Love your floors!!!

messymimi said...

Merry, as a person who does pray, yes, I will pray for nice running weather for you, and that you will succeed and gain confidence from undertaking and completing this run.

Anyone who can master turning invisible can do anything!