Thursday, December 10, 2009

Half inclined to go back to bed and forget it

Need to bear in mind that it's natural to feel less inclined to work out when it's bloody cold outside. (And inside, unless I wear 20 sweaters or crank the heater up to $$$ levels.)

Even so, it's sad/scary how easily I went without exercise for two days straight. Just didn't wanna. Too cold. Too dark outside. Blah, blah, yada, blah. Too much of that and I'll just get back into the habit of hibernating under a nice warm blankie until March.

Also, I'm wondering about those dang contractors. Yesterday they came by and dug up the street in front of my house for the third time. They keep digging it up and paving it over and then digging it up again. Maybe that's why this time they just left it open and put a metal sheet over it instead. I'm not sure they know quite what they're doing. (Or it's all part of a plot to freeze my pipes, dang it.)

I'm recording all this (well not the water pipe woes, that's just me venting, I mean about the exercise blahs) because I want to track the bad aspects of exercising as well as the good. Off to do some yoga before going to work. Watch this space for a gold star that indicates I've been good.

(There, that should guilt me into working out.)

Finally! Got in a half hour's worth of yoga. Now a bit late for work, but that needed to get done. Plus, an hour's worth of brisk walking just to be a show-off, Marste at lunch and a half hour's worth of yoga to close the day.

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C said...

If it makes you feel better, I didn't work out for four days straight. So easy not to do anything. Scary indeed.

But I got off my butt today and ran. I feel so smarmy and morally superior now compared to my athletically challenged colleagues. Totally worth it. :)

Dr. J said...

I hate running in the cold!! I still do it, and I'm always glad when I've done it. I wear plenty of layers and it usually takes a mile or so to warm up, but then I'm OK. Unless it's really cold, then I'm never OK, but I get through it :-(

Gigi said...

It's so hard to get motivated to go out and freeze your ta-tas off. Maybe you could offer to help dig and refill that large hole in front of your house.

The Merry said...

Gigi, digging that hole would have been the perfect exercise! /Now/ you tell me ;)

Dr. J, how could does it get before it's too cold for you to go out and run? Is there a limit or am I limiting myself?

Xenia, I do love the moral superiority one feels over those who didn't work out :)

SteveQ said...

-5 degrees and -25 windchill here right now. Didn't run yesterday (blizzard; shoveled for 6 hours) and will force myself to drive somewhere to run indoors today.

[My bedroom was 41 degrees this morning. Old house, poor insulation]

JavaChick said...

I feel the same way. When I get home from work I just want to crawl under a blanket and stay there. So far I'm fighting that urge and getting in the exercise, but we'll see how long that lasts before I give in to hibernation.

messymimi said...

Good for you for getting it done!

You have my sympathy, I am a wuss about the cold, and I let everyone know it.

Marste said...

*sigh* I did not work out yesterday, and I don't WANT to work out today. ButI guess I will.

Since you did.


Showoff-y jerk, even.


The Merry said...

Gives Marste a sympathetic pat on the shoulder...