Monday, December 14, 2009

Elephants were not a good idea

Huh. Irritating.

So this weekend I was good, and I mean damn good. Ate just under the specified number of points, exercised, slept well. Oh, and gained a pound.

Wait a minute. What was that last bit? That's not supposed to happen!

Update to the Grinch diet: I think Charlotte was right; the incredibly demanding hunger pangs must have been something to do with the hormone cycle. 'Cause right now I have no interest in food at all.

Exercise du jour: Yoga, walking, yeah yeah I'm stuck in a rut here. So I'm going to throw in 20 minutes of arm exercises from Rania's Personal Trainer DVD.
Oi vey. Make that ten minute's worth of arms and another 10 minutes of waist/hip bellydance moves. I'd forgotten how tough her arm exercises were. Damn.
Plus, 40 minutes walking, 60 minutes yoga.

Hey, it's good to try something different. Just ask this guy.


C said...

That's a cute commercial.

I need to start doing yoga again. I need to loosen up. In probably more ways than one, but whatever.

My foot is fine now. Did all the exercises, RICE etc and it's back to normal. Will write about it more later this week probably. Thanks for asking though. :)

Charlotte said...

I win! I win!! Kidding;) The hormones blindside me every month which cracks up my husband since, you know, it happens EVERY month. Girly crap. Sigh. Glad you are feeling better now though!

McB said...

It's like good ol' Wimpy, remember him? You're body is kindly repaying you this week for what you did last week. It never shows up right away. It lays in wait, stalking you until you think you've gotten away with it, and the POUNCES.

266 said...

OMG! I laughed so hard at that commercial! Thanks!

Levi said...

Funny commercial. I had no idea that pepsi was so miraculous.

This is the first time I recall reading your description of horizontally enhanced and that is as funny as the commercial. I may use that some day (I mean if anyone were to ask).

The Merry said...

Drat, I forgot to copyright the description on the sideline! ;)