Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Whatever happened to Wednesday?

Worked 13+ hours yesterday. Barely managed a 15 minute workout. "Wednesday will be better," I said, foolishly jinxing myself.
Even so, with people coming at me from all angles, I managed to take a couple of 15 minute breaks. I resisted the urge to "be nice" and "show I'm a team player by working without a break." I can play on the team without sacrificing my health. Or that's my story, anyway.
Maybe I am making this schedule a habit after all.
  • AM - 15 minutes cleaning - done
  • Noon - 15 minutes organizing - done
  • PM 45 minutes exercising - well, here goes. -Done! That actually went by fairly quickly!


messymimi said...

Congratulations! You are right, just because you work from home doesn't mean you can go all day with no break. Your health won't hold up if you do.

solarity said...

Yes! Yes, you can take breaks!

Mary Anne in Kentucky