Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

More evidence that breaking up exercise throughout the day, even if it's just getting up, is helpful:
In a 2012 study by Dr. Gaesser, three 10-minute walks spread throughout the day were better at preventing subsequent spikes in blood pressure — which can indicate worsening blood pressure control — than one 30-minute walk. And if even a 10-minute walk sounds daunting, try standing more often. In another study led by Dr. Gaesser and published in August, overweight volunteers with blood pressure problems were asked to sit continuously during an eight-hour workday while their blood pressure was monitored. The readings were, as expected, unhealthy. But when, during another workday, those volunteers stood up every hour for at least 10 minutes, their blood pressure readings improved substantially.

  • early am: 30 minutes exercise DVD, arms and abs
  • am: Get up from the desk and clean something
  • noon:Get up from the desk and prune something
  • pm: 30 minutes gardening, 30 minutes walking
  • late pm:30 minutes yoga


Shelley said...

I am an early-morning exerciser, but I feel good when I also get in a walk in the evening. Do I actually make it happen? Not often enough, sadly.

messymimi said...

Even if you are just getting up and doing some kind of moving as often as possible, you aren't giving up, you are winning the battle against sluggishness.