Sunday, February 07, 2010

I've reached a new low (on the scale)

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Amazing. Just when I think it's time to give up...

This past week I've lost 3-1/2 pounds. After years weeks of eating fairly well, but losing mere ounces, I spent most of the past frantic week eating quite badly. (I adopted the always popular fried-chicken-with-red-wine-pizza-and-chocolate-cake diet.) Even so, it seems like the scale is on the move again. Huh.

I haven't been this weight in three or four years. Could somebody pass the fried chicken?

Exercise du jour: Jog 2.5 miles
Done! Finally.

Notes on the run:
  • Had to stop the warm up walk to help a policeman catch a couple of friendly but foolish dogs who were frolicking in busy traffic. The owner came up a few minutes later "oh, I just left them in the front yard for a moment..." Geez. (Should I mention none of the front yards around here are fenced?)
  • While jogging, I noticed a cycle: 1st thought about walking - 7 minutes, 2nd thought about walking - 14 minutes, 3rd - 21 minutes. And yes, 28 minutes again. (Some people get the 7 year itch. Me, I get the 7-minute bitch.) I did run the whole distance, though. And after the 28th minute, I didn't think walking thoughts.
  • This run was slower than the same distance last week. (Maybe... just a thought... fried chicken and red wine aren't good running fuel? I did have to stop and tie my shoe again, so maybe that was it.)
  • Pain update: the tendons around the lower leg hurt a bit while I was running, but not at all once I'd stopped. This is a definite improvement. Must be getting a bit stronger.
  • The cool down walk got interrupted by a cat that ran up to me and demanded that I pet her for several minutes. Seriously, this was one determined cat. I don't speak fluent cat, but from the tone of her cries I gathered she was seriously underfed, neglected, and unappreciated. (This despite the fact that she was quite overweight, had beautiful fur, and a flea collar.) Eventually, I had to break away and tell her to go home. Which she did. (At least, she went back up the drive to the front porch she'd been sitting on before she saw me.)
  • Between the dogs and the cat, I smelled quite interesting to Tanji when I got home. Today is her 13th birthday, which in human terms would make her about 91. Which is really quite young for a German Shepherd. (Look, just agree with me here. I don't want to hear otherwise.)


WaistingTime said...

Good for you!

Annabel said...

You pulled the old "psych out"! Sometimes your body gets so used to the same healthy low cal plan that it starts to actually slow down the weight loss. so you shock it out by being naughty! Did I just write "naughty"? oh boy. i think i've been reading too many crappy "Chick Magazines"
Congrats on the loss!

LMI said...

It's so bizarre how often that seems to happen. Maybe it's not a bad idea to let go once in a while for a very short period of time?

Unknown said...

I think when I take a break after about a week of low cal eating and up the fuel then I have more fuel to burn that fat. Weird but it seems to work for me sometimes. Great job on the weight loss :)

Tricia said...


Shelley said...

Bodies - who can understand them?!? But major congrats on the awesome loss!!!

messymimi said...

The previous posters are correct, sometimes you just have to let go a day or two to "turn up the juice and see what shakes loose."

Congratulations! And may this give you courage to jump back into the fray.

The Merry said...

But MessyM, they're also saying the bad food behavior should be temporary :(

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

I'm signing up for that diet plan right now!! Are there any sign up fees?

Congrats on the great loss!

Kyle said...

I've often recommended a light binge to break a weight loss plateau. Unorthodox, but seems to shock the system back into moving. Perhaps after so long of eating clean, the metabolism needs a chunky meal to work on.

Great Loss!

McB said...


I agree with the psych out diagnosis. But be careful, because it's one of those things that can bite you in the behind next week.

josie said...

LOL! That is awesome!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - Now that I've found yours, I'll be sure to check it regularly :-)

Charlotte said...

Congrats Merry! It always seems to me that my body is a month behind my eating habits.. SO frustrating! Hope your roll keeps going!

Larkspur said...

The fried chicken diet! I like it!

13 is a mere youth in Shepherd years. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Merry, how wonderful for you! I am just starting a journey of exercise/torture/trying to breathe. You are my inspiration and my entertainment with your pictures.

I think I will wait a bit on the fried chicken diet.

Stephany Benbow said...

Hahaha, the bit about the cat was wonderful. That is pretty much what my cat tells me daily, despite the fact that she weighs more than our dachshund. And she is the same age as your dog, which I also tell myself is a young age still. Her face still looks like a kitten, there is no way she is really old, right?