Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thinking and Celery

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I've been slack.

It started out as a good thing -- I wanted to rest and ice and give the leg/hip pain a chance to feel better about itself. But did I stop eating when I took off from exercising? Of course not. The scale told me I've gained five pounds this week. I'm going to assume part of that is simply my normal water retention at the start of the cycle, but some of it must be put down to eating without thinking.

So it's back to thinking. And celery.

And I'm going to do the 2 mile jog that I was supposed to do yesterday. I'll do it right now before I go to work. I'm posting this up here so all the world will see and jeer if I don't. (Yes, I do realize that not quite everyone in the world reads this, and there are several non-jeering people in the world. I just liked the sound of 'all the world will see.')

Update du 10 minutes later: Have I gotten up from the desk yet? Of course not. I'm going right now. Honest.

Update almost an hour later:


Roxie said...

Go, do that thing now. Even if you don't want to, spending the time to do it now is WAY BETTER than feeling crappy about it all the rest of the damned day!

VRaz60 said...

Be off with you, now. Get 'er done!

On the Weight Loss Journey said...

Are you gone yet? You better be! :D
Enjoy the jog and knowing that you'll have it out of the way.

Lu said...

I would never jeer. How could a purse courtesan jeer? Thanks for your comment. It had me giggling. I'm in full C25K mode. Let's see how that goes. I was inspired by you after all. And my doctor. But, I'm going with you right now. :)

The Merry said...

Thank you! Geez, it was like somebody applied superglue to the back of my seat; took forever to get out of the chair.

messymimi said...

Good job!

No one needs to be jeered, but everyone can stand some cheering sometimes.

LMI said...

Yay! Good for you. I was prepared to jeer if it was called for:-)

Anonymous said...

I often post on FB that I'll be at (insert location) and running in (insert minutes) as a motivator to get up and get moving. And then post again when I'm done.

It has really helped me on those days that I just sink deeper into the chair of despair.

Shelley said...

Good on ya for getting up and running - I swear, that is the hardest part!