Monday, February 08, 2010

Weight Loss: a kind of evolution

My body is a devout believer in evolution.

When it comes to weight loss, anyway. Specifically, my body loves the theory known as punctuated equilibrium. When change occurs it seems sudden and drastic.

I'll go for a few weeks gaining or losing mere ounces, not pounds, then within a few days I'll lose 4 or 5 pounds and get a strict warning message from the WW e-tools. ("You're losing too fast!" Ha.)

In the past week I have had fried chicken, wine, chocolate cake, pizza (!!), and more fried chicken. I've also lost 5-1/2 pounds. All those weeks of being good and eating tons o' celery, and I never lost nuthin'. Huh.

Darwin would be proud.

(Okay, yes,for the benefit of the snickertly persnickety out there, I do realize Darwin wasn't known for the punctuated equilibrium theory of evolution. Hey, he could still be proud of me anyway. Maybe.)

Site du jour: It's probably not as much fun to live through as it is to read, but Nunhead-Mum-of-One's stories about her family, in-laws, and neighbors are going to make a great book one day.

Exercise du jour: Cycling to work and back, even if only partway. Hell, I'm going to be ambitious and state publicly that I want to cycle the first 3 or 4 miles of the morning route. There. I've said it. Now let's see if I can get up early enough to do it.
Done! 4 miles in the morning, barely 1-1/2 in the evening. Legs tired. Muscles sore. Need a hot bath and a hot masseur... er, that is, massage ...

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adorkable said...

you can dooo eeet! :)

messymimi said...

My body pulled the same sorts of stunts for years. Except when I wanted it to, of course.

You are inspiring me by continually reaching for new goals.

Lisa Deon said...

Okay, I got a Wii fit after Christmas, and have been exercising reguarly, and watching my caloric intake, but then it was my Birthday (thank you for the singing, BTW) and I "called dieting and exercise off on account of celebrating" and according to the obnoxious little Wii fit imp I've gained 8 pounds.


Now I have to go and pedal my ass around the virtual island for three hours.


Stupid birthdays.

Lu said...

You can do it! I have weeks where I won't lose at all. Then I'll really just throw in the towel and lo and behold I lose a dress size. Well, maybe not that much. I'm at expert at maintaining.

Anonymous said...

I think I hate you. Grumbling and munching on a carrot...


The Merry said...

Barb, here! Have some fried chicken :)

Lu, that's the way I should think of it. It's not a plateau, it's maintaining! Much more positive spin.

SD, you know the imp is going to say whatever makes you come back for more, right? It's job security.

Shucks, MessyM :)

Thanks Adorkable!

solarity said...

(You always do the best charts.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

josie said...

LOL! Cute post. And yeah, I'm jealous! But happy for you!

McB said...

Don't know about Darwin, but I'M proud of you!

Glych (Welsh spelling) - those times when your body has a mind of it's own ... And it's not you.

Marste said...

ME TOO!!! I'm so glad someone else does this. It's frustrating as hell sometimes. (But then of course, it's SUPER-gratifying other times! LOL!)