Sunday, February 28, 2010

If it weren't for work, I could get so much done...

Very tired.
Very, very tired.
Need to finish up last week's tasks so I can focus on this week's to do list.
Need a day off from work so I can clean the house and pet the dog and sleep.

Hey, maybe jogging will perk me up. Caffeine ain't doing it.

Inspirational story du jour: Hurdler overcomes many hurdles to win hurdle race. If it weren't for The Onion, there wouldn't be motivational stories like that.

Exericse du jour: 3 2 miles jogging
One route to success is re-defining goals. I'm called this a success.


Cat said...

Yep. All my volunteer 'stuff' happened at once, just in time for the dryer to go out. Zooom! Do take time for you, I didn't this week, and can tell... Eeep.

Have a better next week!


Gina said...

Re: hurdler story -

Say that five times fast!

AM! said...

i SERIOUSLY commend all the runners out there who also hold down full time jobs. it's SO much! really!

Lisa Deon said...

Besides skiing, which burns hella calories, I took the little dog for a walk around the block.

It was good for us both.

Tomorrow I'm back to my Wii work out. Or so i keep telling myself...

Gigi said...

Hope you have a restful jog. Sending thoughts of Hugh your way for a little cheer.