Sunday, February 21, 2010

I want patience -- now! That or a magic wand.

The trouble with this whole 'getting fit' business is that you're trying to feel your way blindly. You don't get the satisfaction of seeing immediate results when you make good decisions. You know that -- in theory -- eating right and exercising will get you where you want to go. But theory takes a long time to translate into reality.

If I could just do One Thing that would make me fit, I would do it. But even though I'm doing several right things (exercise, keeping within the plan), it'll be months before I can look back and see "Yes, that helped... and that... and not having that second piece of cake, yes..." Right now all I see is the deprivation, and all I feel is the sweat and the ache. I want to skip all the boring middle stuff and get right to the end already.

I see little changes: I'm fitting into a smaller pant size, my face looks a bit thinner. I lost several pounds in a week, then I gained half of it back (then lost half of that again). Damn it, Jim, I want to see a big change already!

Yes, I know that's silly. Even people who get gastric band surgery still have to face the task of getting used to eating less and dealing with all the side effects of the surgery. There's no magic wand. But right now I really wish there were.

Exercise du jour: Jog 3 miles
Done! Slowly. Actually, since speed is relative and I was the only one around running, it was pretty damn fast. That's my story, anyway.


Turbo Photographs said...

If you run across any magic wands, please let me know! I could use one myself :)

PS. Fitting into smaller size pants is awesome! Good work!

Shelley said...

Me, too. Are you taking pictures of yourself along the way? Even if (since) you don't post them, it's good to be able to get a visual comparison.

And seeing your face look thinner is awesome, as are the smaller pants! It just takes time, time and more time.

Kyle said...

Totally feel you on this one. As someone who is addicted to gratification (quicker the better), it is definitely a faith based approach.

messymimi said...

I will admit I want a quick fix, too.

Congrats on seeing the difference!

McB said...

I've always thought we should get something for the times we *could* have eaten something we shouldn't and DIDN'T. Really, would it kill the universe to knock of a few ounces?

Metroknow said...

You're doing great! a pants size is a pants size :), and that 3 mile jog isn't too shabby either. :)


Anonymous said...

My belly skin is softer and flabbier (is that a word?). I'll take that as my magic wand and it used to be ... well bigger and more taunt from being big.