Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing my evil twin sister Yrrem

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Let me introduce my evil twin sister Yrrem.

Note: Not to be confused with my good twin Shelley. (I call her my twin because we entered this world in the same month and in the same state and no, I don't mean the state in which everyone enters this world i.e. nekkid and crying because some doctor just slapped them.)

My e.t.s. Yrrem is fed up with all this exercising and trying to eat right. So she's advocating an anti-campaign of eating poorly and not exercising. Alas, since I've already been doing this for the last week or so (what with resting injured muscles and Mardi Gras), she's decided to focus on keeping me from breaking what she considers to be a winning record.

In other words, I've given my inner slug a name.

Exercise du jour: My evil twin sister is trying like hell to talk me out of doing a 4 mile jog. You'll never make it, you're doomed, your legs will fall off if you even try to do this, it'll make you late for work, what will the boss say...
Dang. Why did I have to get an evil twin sister who was so verbose?

4 miles jogging. With the iPod cranked up so I won't hear my e.t.s.
Done! Slowly, but I got there. (For future reference, probably better to do the run before donating blood rather than after.)


Roxie said...


VRaz60 said...

Yep, an evil twin sister is a tough thing to overcome!! Just slap her around a few times and carry on. You're doing the right things, so keep at it. Evil Twin be damned!!

P.S. My word verification is "culprit"...appropriate, right?

C said...

That would make mine Ainex. Sounds like a nasal spray. Figures.

Kick her ass. The world needs to be balanced and Ainex is currently kicking mine (hello giant tin of chocolates!) so it's only fair.

Crabby McSlacker said...

ybbarc is even crabbier than I am, and talked me out of the gym this morning. However, I think at least a long walk is in order and I'm not taking No for an answer.

Lu said...

OMG. I have the same e.t.s. Wow! Except mine keeps telling me chocolate is a fruit too. You can do this run! I know it.

Shelley said...

Merry: this is your good twin talking...don't listen to that bitch! Send her to visit Yellehs - the two of them can bitch and moan to each other and leave us alone (says the one who is facing a 3 mile run tomorrow).

Are you gonna get a Nike+?

McB said...

Don't listen! It's a conspiracy! She termed up with yraurbef to turn the world into depressed slugs! To them I say chipoo!

Ps glad you got the iPod working!

messymimi said...

Evil twin, inner slug, inner child, inner brat, whatever you want to call it, it's good to name that voice and remember it may be the same age as you, but acts like a 9 year old spoiled kid.

Talk to it like a parent to a kid throwing a tantrum. I mean, are you really going to take orders from a whiny 9 year old?

I know you won't, and today's exercise proved it.