Friday, January 16, 2009

Summary du week and sundry inanities

Exercise? Moi? Maybe.

This week I have completed one whole friggin' 30 minutes run. Indoors, since I've discovered running in freezing temperatures makes my asthma happy, but not me.

Also, I failed the week 4 push up challenge test.

Well, not exactly failed. I think a true FAIL would probably be if both my arms fell off. All that happened was that I didn't qualify with a high enough number of push ups to move on to week 5. I could always try week 5, but based on how I felt during the test, I think not. (It was amazingly difficult to do even 20 push ups. Damn those aliens.)

Mostly I've been testing exercise DVDs for Cranky Fitness reviews. (Don't spend money on the Skinny Bitches Boot Camp DVD. Trust me.)

It looks like I need to have a schedule up here to swear at. Trying to track exercise in emails or in my head is truly annoying. Plus, after-the-fact reporting is not as effective because I'm apt to forget which exercise I'm doing which day. And apparently I need that additional guilt factor of posting the exercise du jour up here.

The other problem is the lack of balance between work and real life.
I need to get up earlier, so I can leave work at a reasonable hour.
Otherwise I get into a hopeless cycle of
- trying to get everything done after I get home late at night
- leading to not getting enough sleep
- resulting in the need for strong coffee to jumpstart the day
- thus necessitating sleeping pills or empty-calorie-laden wine to keep me from being caffeine-wired and bouncing off the walls at midnight
- which leaves me groggy the next day, thus requiring coffee to jumpstart the day ... arrrrrrrrrgh!

Exercise du jour:

No! No! I'm not going to try out another exercise DVD tonight! I'm going on strike! Let my 3 miles of virtuous walking count as my exercise du jour and give me the damn star before somebody gets hurt.

Thank you.

Hmmmn.... maybe those "100% Natural" Sleep Aid pills were a mistake. I did wonder when the package promised it was the "non-drowsy formula." (Non-drowsy sleep?) I wonder if the pills are starting to get to me, mwa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa............


Theresa said...

That late-to-sleep, late-to-work cycle is such a hard one to break! I've had to get ruthless with me and deny myself books.

And I'm a bit confuzzled - you're not counting the exercise dvds as exercise? (And walking so totally counts as exercise, of course you get a star!)

I too had trouble moving from week 2-3 and then week 4-5 of the pushup challenge, so I'm just making it my own. Repeating weeks as necessary. Currently, I'm redoing weeks 3-4 but at the next intensity level. Ya gotta do what works for you!

The Merry said...

Damn. No books? Okay, I'll try it.

The exercise DVDs sometimes count as exercise (except for one, which was too lame) but they're not getting me closer to my running or push up goals.

And I love the idea of repeating the week at the next intensity level!