Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elvis lives next door. He bites.

I now have neighbors on the long-side of the wire fence, and they have a bouncy young dog. Miss Tanji keeps an eye on him while he plays, so at least she's not bored.

The other day Tanji and I went over to his yard to see if they would play together. Unfortunately, after a few minutes of desultory play, I think the young dog got miffed that Tanji had picked up his ball. There was a bit of an argument, but it wasn't serious. The other dog went off to find another toy.

I patted Tanji on the head. "There, everybody's okay now." She gave me a Look. Then she sighed heavily, laid down (belly up), and lifted up her front leg so I could see the blood from where he'd bitten her.

It was only a nip (the vet said "no worries"), but I don't think there's going to be a beautiful friendship. She doesn't seem too upset about it (the nip), but the neighbors were. (The humans, anyway. The bouncy young dog was more concerned about playing some more.)

P.S. Don't name your dog Elvis. It's confusing at the dog park when you call your dog and several other dogs come running.

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes of running.
Didn't I just do that the other day?
Damn, I need a running schedule.
Or a life.
Or Hugh Jackman, I'm not proud.

Done. I think I've got calf-itis. This morning I made the mistake of trying to get out of bed, and was attacked by the mother, father, and grandparents of all leg cramps. Maybe I've got what Dr. House had, and I will need to get my leg muscles amputated. Doesn't sound all that bad, right now.


C said...

Hope Tanji's doing all right now. Give her some pats from me.

Training plan, you say? I think Hal Higdon's got a 10K plan... :)

Theresa said...

Very true. The Hal Higdon 10K plan is the one that I didn't follow very well when I was training for my 10K.

Poor Tanji. Give her a scratch behind the ears for me.

McB said...

I never trust small dogs. They think they have something to prove. Napolean complex or something.

The Merry said...

Actually, Elvis is the same size as Tanji. He's very sweet (at least, he is to me). He's always staring at me through the fence, his eyes pleading for someone to play with him. (Throw the ball, throw the ball, please won't you throw the ball?)
I'll definitely check out Hal Higdon, thanks!

Crabby McSlacker said...

So sorry to hear about Tanji's injury! Poor thing.

And calf cramps are AWFUL!!

I was having a huge problem with them a while back. Stretching my calves before bed helped, as did flexing my foot (not pointing) as hard as I could at the first signs. Also, loosening the bed covers before I'd go to sleep to make sure that my feet had plenty of room and weren't squished into a pointing position. There is also all kinds of dietary advice for cramping, none of which happened to help me, but seems to work for other people. Potassium and magnesium come to mind, but there's a whole list of things.

Hope the cramp thing was a one time occurrence and doesn't come back!

The Merry said...

Thanks Crabby -- I'll try all the solutions I can!