Monday, January 26, 2009

To the edge of possible

I notice how the push up challenge has me scheduled for doing a whole lot o' push ups -- a number that a couple of weeks ago I would have considered impossible. Now I go right up to the edge of "I can't do this" before I stop. Wait a minute, I was at that edge a couple weeks ago, too. Only the numbers have increased.
Damn. I'm getting fit -- slowly, maybe, but there is improvement.
Just as well. I'm getting tired of push ups. Thinking I would like to try something new.

Exercise di giorno: According to the week 4 push up challenge test (36), I'm on to week 5, severity level 2.

set 1 28
set 2 35!
set 3 25
set 4 22
set 5 max (at least 35)
Done! The good news, I did a max of 40. The bad news, I did the last set 11 hours after I did the first 4 sets. My arms tell me this counts.

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