Saturday, January 03, 2009

Are we there yet? I wanna get there already!

[Warning: this post contains dangerously high levels of self-indulgent whining. Women who are pregnant or nursing, or who may possibly have a fourth cousin who was once pregnant or a nurse, should probably avoid reading this post. Men, take those anti-nausea pills and brace yourselves.]

I know, it's 'that time of the year.' After the holidays, a little grumpiness, feeling down, is normal. Well screw normal, that's not my style.

All I know is that my motivation walked out the door last week and didn't leave a forwarding address. Must've been something I said. Or ate. Possibly that mince pie.

Anyway, I keep feeling I should be there already. Sure, I can do 60-something modified push ups if you wait long enough, and yes I can run shuffle around for 30 minutes without stopping, but I'm not there yet. Don't ask me where there is; I'm hoping I'll recognize the place when I get to it.

After a week off, trying the push up test again, see if I'm still up to the 4th week.

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Diana Swallow said...

I can relate to this, as much thought as I've put into losing weight, I should be skinny by now. I'm headed off to a corner to whine too LOL