Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid-week motivator

Quote du jour:
Joy is a more powerful motivator than fear - Dean Ornish

Bizarre thought du jour:Exactly two months ago, I was stressing out about jogging for 20 minutes straight. And when I say jogging, I mean trudging at the speed of slug. I didn't know if I could go that long without my knees or my ankles going into Serious Pain mode.

Last night I ran for 30 minutes, and found myself looking forward to the two sprint sessions that I threw in.

Of course, the /previous/ couple of running sessions were horrible, painful, calf-cramping agony, but I'm ignoring at that for the moment. I want to bask.

Update: Must have been more of a workout than I thought. Delayed onset muscle soreness. My quadriceps are sore. My quads are never sore. I may (and do) have abs of jello, but I've hiked up a mountain and felt less soreness than this. Damn.

Update du 11:02 pm: Push up fail. I had to choose between food, exercise, and sleep, and I'm going for the other two. (Still better than the other week, when I could only choose one of the three.)

Exercise du jour
Week 5 of the push up challenge, day 2 level 2
set 1 18
set 2 20
set 3 14
set 4 16
set 5 max (at least @#$!%! 40)

Done, albeit a day late. I think it was well described: @#$%! 40)

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Yep, those sprints will do ya in. Well, they do me in anyways.

And I say bask away! We need these good-feeling runs to make up for the sucky ones.