Sunday, January 25, 2009

In a rut? Or in the groove?

I've not noticed myself losing any weight lately. While this might mean I'm building muscle, yeah yeah yeah, I'm inclined to think it's due to the fact that I have been backsliding over the holidays.

I was going to cook Christmas dinner but thanks to all the snowstorms most people couldn't come visit, so I have had a whole helluva a lot of saturated fat in my fridge in the form of ham, turkey, chicken, turkey, mince pie, turkey, stuffing, turkey... anyway, I have not been doing my previous 90% vegetables diet.

Bad Merry, bad. No celery.

Also problems with the usual routine, that I find extremely hard to shake off. I have great difficulty in doing two things at once: eating right and exercising regularly. Depressing to look back over a year ago and find a similar blog entry. I'm hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless...
Sorry. Got stuck in a rut there for a moment. Better now.

Note to the climate: I'd be even better if it would stop snowing already. Just saying.

Note to my sad excuse for a conscience: I have spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing. Navel gazing, internet gazing, making lists of all the chores I have to do... these do not count as activities. Dear conscience, I don't mean to tell you your job but I'm going to anyway. Get to work motivating me!

New schedule:
Okay, both Theresa and Xenia mentioned Hal Higdon (along the lines of "I mostly ignored Hal Higdon's schedule..." but still... ;)
So what the hell.

Exercise du jour:
Per HH, a 1.5 mile run.
Done. Probably. I could NOT run on Orlando Manuel for that long, and it's too cold to run outside, so I ran for 30 minutes. Probably that adds up to 'around' 1.5 miles (more, I am pretty damn sure), but I really wish I could run outside. Still, it's done.

Very depressing day. I am very depressed today, that's how I can tell. Why am I depressed? Who knows? Who cares? (Did I mention that a dose of apathy was thrown in free along with the depression?)


Heather said...

hopefully thats the case for me too - that Im gaining muscle because I certainly am not losing any weight! I can definitely relate - I can eat well but something its hard to get that exercise in and then other times its vice versa. hang in there though, you will find that right balance.

Diana Swallow said...

Call it the January warm up to getting serious for the rest of the year.

Just keep keeping on.

Diana Swallow said...

WOOHOO You did it!!! Way to kick FFM's ass!

C said...

Ditto everything in this post. I'm in a rut too. We can be rutty together.

Wait, that doesn't sound right...

Wait to go hooking up with Hal. I think he'll treat you right. ;)

Theresa said...

I have been eating junk. Junk, junk, junk. :p

So, have you picked out a 5K race to run yet? You could come to Wales with me & Xenia to run one at the end of February. Or perhaps get up and run virtually with us at 2:30 am. :+)