Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday: Me and Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

What the hell. It's Friday, and I like looking at goofy Hugh Jackman photos.

Exercise du jour:
Push up challenge, week 4 day 3 (2nd intensity level)

set 1 23
set 2 28
set 3 23
set 4 23
set 5 max (at least 33!!! argh gasp thud)
Done! Feel the burn. Oi.


C said...

Yay for you on the pushups! I'm so proud.

As for Hugh...I REALLY like the pics of him looking scruffy lately. I'm not usually a fan of facial hair, but damn if it doesn't look amazing on him.

Happy weekend!

The Merry said...

I'll have to look for more Scruffy Hugh pictures. That kind of research, I don't mind :)

Theresa said...

They have totally changed the schedule for the 100 push up challenge since I first printed it out. The week 4 level 2 you posted is at least as hard as week 4 level 3 on my printout. Yikes.

That "or more if needed" rest time between sets has been well used.

Way to go on 33!!! max push ups!