Thursday, November 08, 2007

Two things I hate about running


Actually, I'm quite fond of breathing, have been for years, but I like it to be something that goes on in the background of my life. After I have been running for a few minutes (okay, jogging/shuffling/cursing) I become intimately aware of every breath that I take.

Going uphill.

Even the slightest incline seems to become much steeper if you're trying to run up this. This seems unfair. I'm not sure where the Complaints department is for this sort of thing, so I'm posting it here.

Tomorrow I'll be chipper and positive. Tomorrow's Friday. Today? Well, it's not Friday. A little whining won't hurt. Off to run* now. I want to change my mood.

*okay, jog.


Crabby McSlacker said...

A Fitness Complaint Department?

What an excellent idea!

Oh wait. That's me! I'm a walking, talking fitness complaint department.

lyfkq--oh hell, I have no idea what a lyfkq is. It sort of looks like a 'life f*ck'-- those little annoyances that come around all the time to screw things up.

Hey, is word verification really a secret personality test?

The Merry said...

Damn it, Crabby! You've found out the secret. Now we'll have to give you a new identity and put you into the Fitness Protection program.

marie said...

Is crabby here to pimp her blog or offer support? :P

Diana Swallow said...

I understand both parts. As I'm sucking wind I'm often grateful that I live in Florida and there are no hills to have to shuffle up.

Heather said...

you still amaze, I wish I was a runner!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hey Marie, pimp my blog of course!

And "Fitness Protection Program"--Mary, that's just awesome.